2015 - VIDEO

(HD, sound, 16:9, 24', LED screen)

Fantasmata looks like a closed session taking place in a company, and shows the use of sham, illusion and appearance.

Four characters who are gathered around a table look like they are taking part to a corporate meeting. We don’t know anything about the very purpose of that meeting, except that each character is defending a specific position using weird quotes as if they were catchy advertising slogans or even proven universal truths. The whole conversation is organized around the handling of broken and lost artifacts. From the use of these objects that are pure waste, starts a ritual and a hallucinated fiction. The refelective surface of the table turns the objects and bodies into enigmatic and intangible presences. The surface plays the role of a virtual room, a fantasy area that echoes back images and recalls  the symmetry of psychological Tests (Rorschach). Mixed speeches and terminologies that remind of the convulsions of a scattered brain can be heard, all coming from several specific fields like advertising, physics, architecture, design, divination, psychology, marketing etc...

Fantasmata is built like a maze, mixing several temporalities, through which the human beings seem to be struggling to solve the mystery of their existences.