2012 - VIDEO

 (loop, DV PAL, sound, 52'04)

During explorations of an industrial area around the workshop, some waste are harvested using hazardous method, then named, classified and interpreted empirically. This debris are the relics brought from the sidelines worlds we walk. We consider them as a rumor of flows. Trade flows between the production and marketing of goods. Artifacts, witnesses of human civilization containing signs, traces of erosion and evidence of wear, they support interpretations as the remains used by oracles to exercise their divination techniques. A futurology from the gutter.


La Somniloquie Du Perroquet, a waiting room entertainment, a visual and sound hypnosis experience. Some mysterious compositions turns slowly on a DIY lazy Susan display. Magic trick ? Composed of binaural beats supposed to imperceptibly provoke pleasure, a heady music gives rhythm to the session. Slowness and round repetitive motions invite to hallucination.