(                  video in LED screen, meeting desk, chairs,

adhesives on window shop, digital prints on Dibond, frame)


As it travels with time, light crosses space, and alters matter. « Tout brûle sous le soleil » (Everything burns under the sun) is a ray from the past that re-enacts the scene of erosion. The relics of urban meanderings are brought in for questioning in an aseptic conference room, where time seems out of joint. These scorched objects testify to the passage of light, and its caress, whether natural, or artificial. It is, however, through video, that the prism is shattered: once reflected and objects of reflexion, the relics become products of a twofold light. Fossils projected onto a LED screen, in a video that is at a crossroads between advertisement and philosophical investigations. Henceforth, where does the light come from? From what time, what dimension does it bring these objects? And where did these tie-makers go?


Site-spectific installation in the meeting room and art space of the architecture studio LFA in Lyon.